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I used a 10x40 LRT model for around 1 1/2-2yrs, it was reparallaxed and would comfortably come down to 10yds on the sidewheel with good visability down to around 15-16yds with a 25-27yd parallax setting, and down to 13yds with a 20-22yd setting but then began to blur slightly at 45yds which I don't like.
The mildots are true mildot and nice and usable. The optics are usual Leup standard, beautifully clear and bright with a good depth of field, at my usual 25-27yd setting it would go out to HFT/FT ranges easily.
My main reason for switching back to the EB was that I found it quite fussy with parallax error with elevated shots where head position was hard to get 100% right. However the guy I sold it to (John Murray) seems to get on very well with it I guess a lot of it comes down to personal suitability as well as how it works with your gun/stock combination. If I could have those optics with the user friendliness of the EB I'd be a very happy man
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