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Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
two piece mounts on a springer can suffer creep, where the clamping area is not sufficient to prevent the mount slipping backward with the recoil, the longer clamping area of a one piece prevents this!

on a precharge its not an issue, I have heard about using a one piece on a hw100 something to do with stiffening up the breeech block as its a two piece unit bolted together?
I use a HW100S with two piece adjustable mounts from sportsmatch but have not seen any problems in this area, i would think a scope tube clamped between the two mounts would be stiff enough s
Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
seen it done for hunting to stiff the block up to stop zero shift in cold temps
Originally Posted by Steve C. View Post
Well on a lot of multi-shot rifles 2pc mounts are necessary so as to clear the magazine.

Steve C.
Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
As well as the points made above care needs to be taken ideally not to mount a 2 piece mount on separate parts because as said above temperature change can cause zero shift. It is common practice on the likes of FWB P70s to mount only from the breach block, not breach block and barrel.
Thanks for good info on scope mounts,david j
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