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Originally Posted by rubi-tong View Post
One more thing, Am I right in saying you can use trees etc to rest on as long as your touching the peg?
It's the same positional rules as UKAHFT, as long as some part of you body or rifle is touching the peg & your trigger is behind the peg/firing line you can use anything natural for support. This doesn't mean you can drag a big log around with you though

Originally Posted by rubi-tong View Post
What time does it all start on Saturday as I can't see any times anywhere?
Are the 8mm's out to a set distance?
The shoot will start at approx 10am on Saturday, there will be a safety briefing about 09:45am

I doubt there will be many 8mm kills, they are usually 12-17 yards but it really depends how evil the course setters are feeling.
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