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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Well, Sunday was it's first use in anger... quite a bit of trepidation... wasn't even confident of ending up with a 3 in front...

First off, on the plinking range I mananged to stick 3 shots on the 55 yd line in the first 3 shots, as well as range find it right... so that was good considering it was -6.5 deg c, left it there and got on the course... amazed to see me lose one in the first 20 due to a stander... lost 3 to lack of confidence in rangefinding and me pushing them out (missed the march, but should have trusted scope but it's hard when you're not so confident)... one due to a sloppy position that i knew was wrong, one due to snatch on trigger...

probably wouldn't have fought so hard on positionals, but ended up well... 34 ex 40 against 36 being top. Not bad for the first outing.

deliberating march no.2 for the springer now ... there wasn't the barrage of 50-55's to knock me off my feet in rangefinding terms, but that's probably the weak link at the moment. Seems better without shooting jacket as well... something soft in the shoulder just gives a bit of room for reposition without affecting recoil. Saw all my misses, and about 1/3 -1/2 of shots land in the kill. Kind of liking it so far
Good effort there Rob, springers make you work for your score dont they
are you using a padded glove on your forestock hand? I have found a ski glove, one of the thinsulate padded jobs helps absorb a lot of the recoil movement when your in different positions due to elevation etc!

My HW77 is almost finished just need cash for a good scope now, a quick test down our range saturday saw ten shots in a 5p sized group at 40yds (once i stopped shivering )
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