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Originally Posted by bigtree View Post
No Dave is only the BFTA and Scottish FT Champion.Where did you end up in the british standings Stuart??????
Thanks pal , here's me thinking I was the Scottish FT Champion Is that me out the team then :

In case you missed the answer Stuart , we have had a Scottish Team for years and was primarily for the Home Internationals , this fixture has not been shot for a couple of seasons and a result the Team is on the back burner ,we had a tried and trusted method of picking the aforementioned team.

The next part is a personal view , as stated earlier I would love to see a Scottish Team at the Inters but because it's a full weekend and a fair distance I can fully understand as to why some guys can't/won't travel ( be it work , financial or otherwise) ,and as also stated before the current FT calendar is a pretty heavy schedule these days and a big commitment in both time and money.

As for a Scottish Team at the Worlds , well that's another subject altogether planes , trains and automobiles spring to mind

This is my last contribution on this thread as I have a lot of friends who frequent this site and I think they deserve better than our fights on this forum

PS Penman, you owe me a new monitor , tea all over this one
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