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Default You are a trouble maker

Stuart Webb aka Bummyman,

Here you go again, trying to cause trouble on an airgun forum under the guise of an innocent question.

Then change the thread to have a go at SARPA for your personal reasons.

You have had numerous post that you have started removed from Airgun Scotland Forum because of your childish behaviour and now you are starting to spread your rubbish on Shooting The Breeze.

You even made an appology to everyone and offered "your hand of friendship" - to which you got NO replies!!!!

SARPA are not trying to run HFT in Scotland so stop trying to spread that LIE on this forum.

You only appeared on the scene at the WHFTA in April of this year and have attended 3 UKAHFT events and you havnt even been to every Airgun Club in Scotland (not that you are welcome to some of them now anyway due to your behaviour), In the past 8 months since you have appeared n the scene you have caused nothing but trouble.

You left GARC before you were thown out because of your behaviour.
Your Team Elmer FUDD has only 3 members left (you and your two sons) as the others left due to your behaviour.
3 out of 5 of the Clubs who competed in this years SHFT withdrew (2 of which were down to YOUR behaviour).

To entrap Chambo into participating on this thread, then using his old post to have a go at him and use it to twist your spin on things is nothing short of appauling.
Chambo has the RESPECT of shooters throughout the UK and thats something you will never have by behaving like this.

Chambo and Big Boab please just ignore him and his posts like we do on Airgun Scotland, unfortunatley he wont go away but at least if he contimues to spread his rubbish and troubel making sooner or later the users of this Forum and UKAHFT especially will suss him out for what he is. A TROUBLE MAKER
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