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Default I understand

Originally Posted by bunnyman View Post
Sorry Mark,

Long story, SARPA want to control HFT in Scotland and pick the Scottish HFT Team.
I asked the question on Airgun Scotland, why do we not have a Scottish FT team and it was taken off, it is sopposed to be an open forum.

So I know all the Scottish lads are on STB so I had to ask the question here.

No one wants to answer my question ( you dunna know do ya)

Hope this helps.


Understand what you are on about but STB where everyone can see from other regions isnt the best place to have these arguements really. you are getting other people involved sucj as myself as I am not involved.

This is something you need to sit down and talk about with your region etc. I was under the understanding that all the HFT teams are run under the UKAHFT rules???

I might be wrong and if I am then I apologise...

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