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Default Bring it up


As you know I liked this rule for timing as well. This is a good reason why i ask why dont people in the sport bring up the points to their regional rep for it to be broguht up at the meetings. that is what the meetings are for lads. Heres 3 lads from diferent areas, NEFTA, MFTA and NIFTA. Tell them what you think and what you would like to be seen changed or added taken out etc.

Lads I am trying my best to get things into place from what we have all spoken about etc.

I cant forward them all myself these things take a team effort and with the ideas and having some lads at the meetings to support their ideas would be a HUGE help. I would love for more of the lads who shoot the comps to go to the meetings to assist. they are long meetings but as you can imagine there is alot to discuss and try to alter or improve. One voice does not work even though my voice can get quite loud when needed lads.

To improve the sport and get it going forward in the way people want needs more support at the meetings...

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