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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
I liked the format in Hungary at the Worlds, 3 mins when enter the lane. Large stopwatch clearly on display for everyone to see, if marshal saw clock not being used each shooter in the group lost a point. IMO the 3 mins also kept the shoot moving and stopped those taking the p155, pulling strings, waiting for wind to settle etc before ranging targets.

As for non compliance... ban them
100% agree conor i purchased one of those clocks for the bfta to have a look at with a suggestion as above you enter the lane press the start button BEFORE you do anything no pulling strings or crap alike including loading your gun before then the clock is running you marshall yourself only one guilty party dead simple no clock running NO POINTS Tough titty suggest the new BFTA committee get behind this rule 2.5 mins or 3 mins either way gets rid of a problem Period.
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