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Default Enforcing rules

Originally Posted by Matt View Post

What about my other question - who will enforce the rules? Rules are good but ponly so far as everyone adheres to them.

This year silhouette rules were seen to be broken and nothing was done about it - hence the reason I won't shoot them at GP's - also I believe the overall silhouette champion was quite voiciferous about the rules being broken.

What are the penalties involved for rule breaking - if there are no penalties then whats the point in abiding by the rules?



This mainly comes down to the lads and ladies who are shooting mainly, the marshals need to be strong on points of where there might be cheating etc involved.

With regards to the silhouettes these again should be marshalled by the persons partner, other than that maybe we need to look into marshals being involved to watch over the comps?

It just seems that though people dont want to help out their clubs/regions when they need people to help with this part of the GP's. If it comes to that then maybe thats an option. What do you think Matt???

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