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Default Buying targets

Originally Posted by ChrisJ View Post
It should not be so ridgid on target size numbers, If its a really rough day wind wise you may need to put a full size where a reducer is so as not to make it a lottery shot, At East Devon this year I had to buy 5 new 25 mm reducers along with 11 new full size kill targets to replace old ones, Next year now i have to buy another 3 25mm plus 2 15mm targets at a cost of over 100, put this against the loss we had this year of 600 at our GP we are not going to recoup any money that we were hoping to do,East Devon can't afford to subsidise the BFTA shoots like this....So it means SWEFTA will not be running to the new target number rules and we will place out a course that we see fit... Or not run a GP.....simple case of economics.

If you need to borrow targets to for the GP, Nelson will help you out there fella. It wont be a problem at all.

Dont want you buying new targets just for 1 shoot...

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