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Steve the course was superb. Some very clever shots that proved you can use the environment and terrain to great effect without the help of cages placement to make some of the shots tricky for different trajectories and zeros together with some really good funneling to make range estimation hard really added to the interest and could fool people who looked at a shot as a 'gimme' only to be surprised by the log or branch 5 yards in front.

There was a good mix of ranges and some varying kill sizes making the range estimation on some particularly interesting, plenty of room between pegs and a varied set of targets... all in all a top shoot and a top venue. The scores did not reflect how tricky the course was as I think it is more a case of the shooters getting better than courses getting easier in SiHFT... anyone who gets a badge more than deserved it... 56 for a bronze!

I had the serious shakes and should have hydrated properly so was happy to walkaway with a 56

Daniel killed the toxic melon and is happy as can be, next time can it be painted yellow
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