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I'm quite sure that kit sponsorship is great for those that are getting it!
For those that aren't I'd hazard a guess that many don't view it quite so favourably.
I know that I wouldn't turn free stuff down if someone were daft enough to offer it but I'm realistic enough to know that it ain't going to happen. That said I know full well that I'd be a complete hypocrite to whine and moan about sponsorship that I'd happily take myself. Whether it's in the best interest of all is a moot point. However, I doubt it will stop and there isn't necessarily much difference in this argument and those that twist on about others having deeper pockets and more expensive kit.

The only thing I'm not too keen on with regards to sponsorship is people running kit that simply isn't available or going to be available to anyone else regardless of how deep their pockets are. I'm not talking trial stuff, pre-production or prototypes here though. I consider that to be par for the course and it's inevitable that manufacturers would wish to have concepts tested by top competition shooters. Excuse me being reticent over exactly what I do mean though. I have good reason.

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