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Default Mag limit etc

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Is there going to be a rule to help try to keep the costs down in the sport?

Maybe limit the scope magnification to max of 60? This would ensure newcomers could get on the ladder fairly easy by buying a second hand custom shop - or are we trying to keep FT as the F1 airgun sport.



I hope theres no limit on the mag as my new toy has more than 60.

Newcomers do start on the ladder, you say about second hand custom shops, which are similar prices these days to second hand big nikkos etc. they are roughly the same price as a second hand Weaver etc etc.

We all have to start somewhere fella, i started with an Air Arms SM100 with a bushmaster 4-12 scope. This all depends ont eh clubs the lads go to. When we have lads join Nelson we tell them to have a look at the variation of kit being used and to try the kit out.

They can then look at the rifles/scopes etc that woudl suit them. We also ask for them to if they can to attend a local shoot to see the rifles etc in action.

Im not sure what you mean by what you are saying here Matt, the cost of the sport is steep at the start depending on how much you have to spend on many levels for anyone. Some people are lucky to have more money than others etc and can afford to buy the higher priced kit etc.

Thats what makes the sport stronger for newcomers to get involved and gain in confidence with their kit whatever the price etc...

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