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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I agree with the juniors trophy, maybe get the mags to sponsor it??

Regarding kneelers and standers I would prefer it to be an equal amount of both, seems fairest way to do it.

I don't like reducers at all, but a couple of 15 mm fair enough as long as they are not in stupid places / ranges - but I would not like to see a course completely made up of reducers - so as long as long term goal is no more than15-20 % of a course I would be ok with it.



I made sure that there would be no more than 20% of the course set as reducers. I dont feel we need anymore than that and the comittee felt the same way. There will be 8 25mm kills and 2 15mm kills. That means 10 positionals and 30 full size kills to set up a GP course.

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