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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
i totaly understand were berty coming from he is putting a lot of input into bfta meeting with new ideas,this is want we want for the sport to progress,steve is spot on with lottery shots(steve is well known for top coarse building) and its hard to get a mix of targets suited for all levels,the top boyz r uping their game and it looks like all grades r uping their games,i occanily paint the targets down the greyhound 60 ft coarse and i can tell their is more misses on give me shots under 45 to 15 than the 50/55 targets,all we can do is lets giv it a try with the 15mm targets making sure the target do not move in swaying trees etc,if it dont work with the 15mm target their is nothing lost we just go back to how it woz

This is my point, I have listenned to the lads on the GP circuit and when we were in Hungary, they explained that 2 x 15mm kills in a course wouldnt hurt, some of the lads said what if the wind changes from am to pm and I understand that. How much would the wind change at a max of 25 yards and keeping the targets at a decent height not 30ft up a tree??? Now a 55 yarder would change a hell of alot from am to pm does that mean we should change the max distance from 55 yds to 50 yds to stop long hard shots from being lottery shots.

Mr Page and myself have discussed course building several times as I have with other lads who build GP courses, we have shot almost all GP's together and yes the Worlds, during those conversations we have said about lottery shots and the effect they have on people new and experienced in the sport.

As well as adding these minnis to the GP courses, I asked for the courses to have 6 kneelers as a rule and 4 standers as a rule. I know some people might think that isnt the best way, but with the adding of 2 15mm kills to the set up, I didnt want people thinking that we are changing the courses too much in 1 go.

I wouldnt want lads to drive hundreds of miles to a shoot and think that was too hard or boring and I wont be attending one of them again, thats the way some people have thought when they have come off a couple of courses this last year or so. I am trying to think of ways to change the course layout slightly to make it more interesting for people. I m looking at other aspects to get more club members involved with the Club Team Champs. There are alot of lads who feel they are not in a team so there no need for them to shoot the GP's, with this it might help out in more people thinking well I can help my club out with this and get involved.

The Juniors trophy, this I feel strongly about getting more youngsters into the sport. Nelson has a few young lads in the club and it would be fantastic if they got into the competition side of the sport and attended local comps to GP's. I was a young lad when I got into the sport, I would never leave the sport as it is a massive part of my life and with my missus involved in the sport it has made me think more about the sport and how to try and develop it further.

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