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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Im just thinking it would be good to change a couple of targets in GP courses for the lads to see what these targets are like when wanting to shoot the Worlds or travel for like the Euskadi Open etc etc.

I can not understand why people are making a big issue of 2 targets being changed during the Gp courses. If it that bad a change then people who air their voices on here should stand up and be counted for, for what they think is the right set up for courses. Enough people came upto myself and said about this to see how it goes and that is why I put it forward to the BFTA comittee.

Whilst I have not done many GP's over the last few years (work sort of getting in the way) I quite agree with what Berty is saying. Rather than make a whole raft of changes to the rules, which would then open up a whole number of queries when laying out the course, a few small changes or 'tweaks' to get the general feeling from the competitors would not alienate as many. I think the addition of the 15mm targets will keep us on our toes.

I would think that any of the lower grade shooters that hit just one of them would be pleased. These targets will also 'shorten' the course slightly. At our club we have attended some GP's but of the 2 of the 4 that went to one GP (both 'C' graders) found it was demoralising that everything seemed to >45yds and put them off doing any more.

It is my personal thought that whilst the GP's are to test all the shooters, sometimes the 'gimmes' lead to mistakes but also give confidence to the lower grades when they fall over. The balance is very difficult to get but how many times have you shot a seemingly shorter course that has caused more problems than a longer one.
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