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Default This is getting to me now!!!!!!!

Right then lads,

Lets get things into perspective???

gary your jumping on saying about a few of us that go to the Worlds wanting to change the courses to match. You are wrong there, I am the only person who attends the BFTA meetings who attends the Worlds and shoots ALL of the GP's and other big comps around the country as well. I have asked of adding just 2 15mm kill targets into a 50 shot course, doea that actually affect you that much out to 25 yards max. I think not, we have shot together many times and you say yourself that 25mm kills arent that hard.

Im just thinking it would be good to change a couple of targets in GP courses for the lads to see what these targets are like when wanting to shoot the Worlds or travel for like the Euskadi Open etc etc.

I can not understand why people are making a big issue of 2 targets being changed during the Gp courses. If it that bad a change then people who air their voices on here should stand up and be counted for, for what they think is the right set up for courses. Enough people came upto myself and said about this to see how it goes and that is why I put it forward to the BFTA comittee.

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