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Post taken me 2-3 years.

It has taken me 2-3 years to of trial and error,plus expense , to finally realise which rifle is best or me. I made a decision some time ago to ditch pcp and return to springer. It was and still is the right choice ,for me . I have bought and sold many rifles and tested many others,trying to sort out my preference. Tried heavy and light and kidded myself on occasion that i had found the rifle for me. Then i thought ft was for me and not hft. Well at last the penny has dropped. Without a doubt the best rifle for me is the AA Prosport. Plus i beleive i am more suited to hft, simply because i like shooting standard rifles and my tx200 in cs1000 stock is anything but standard. I have been shooting with my Prosport alot lately and it is a remarkable rifle .It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and so easy to tune and adjust. Once set up it is also superbly accurate and a joy to shoot. So , i think i will now concentrate with the Prosport and hopefully enter some hft comps. Infact its a relief to know my search is over and that i can now practise without wondering ,hmm perhaps i should try this rifle or that rifle.Thats the plan anyway lol.
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