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Default I see your points lads

I agree with you lads, lottery shots are not what Im trying to get in here, Steve, Conor you have both shot courses abroad and know what lottery shots are etc. I asked of having just 2 x 15mm kills for the lads to get used to shooting them and practising them for the Worlds or local shoots.

I wouldnt put a 15mm kill target 20yds out and 30ft up a tree. I didnt look at using 25mm kills in discipline lanes etc, as I feel it is enough to change what we have already looked at changing on a GP course for now. I dont want to run before we can walk on course set up changes.

the involvement of 20% of reduced kills in GP courses would bring down the average overall and on some grounds that might have issues placing 50 long targets this would help them to develop their grounds with reduced kills on their courses.

Some courses are tough and draining with complete full kills involved throughout the course.

I have asked for these changes due to as I have already said, the lads locally and far away saying to me what they feel would be good to have in courses. 2 x 15mm kills to a maximum of 25yds is not going to change the courses at all really. We would take our time on them though when we are pulling the trigger...

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