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Default Course setting


What we agreed on was to incorporate 2 x 15mm kills to a maximum of 25yds and 8 x 25mm kills to a max of 35yds.

Disciplines would be set up as 6 x kneelers with combined distance in kneeling lane of a max of 70 yards.

4 x standers with a combined distance of 60 yards.

this is what we completed for GP courses. That means that there would be 20 targets taken up in this format and 30 x 40mm kills for other shots.

This means that a GP course must consist of 10 mini kills and full discipline shots.

I know in Hungary the courses consisted of 50% of the targets being mini kills which I thought was excessive. With a guaranteed 20% of our courses being mini kills all sitting is a start. WOuld be nice if other lads attended BFTA meetings and passed their views though. I have said it before I know but it would help people like myself to get things done to help us get up to the standard we talk about to compete on the courses abroad....

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