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There has to be a sensible limit for the minimum size of a reduced kill. Once the kill is no bigger than any gun and pellet combination can reliably group at, it's not a test of the shooters' skill but a test of how well the ammo is made.

SWEFTA permits half inch out to 25 yards, one inch out to 45 yards, both freestyle. Inch is also legal out to 20 yards on positionals.

We also allow up to 40% of the course to comprise reduced kills, but to stop an epidemic of mini kills there is a rule that says the number of half inch kills shall be less than the number of inch kills. So in the "extreme" case a 40 shot course could have 24 full size, 9 inch and 7 half inch. There is an internal guidance note to course setters advising that seven half inch kills at 24.5 yards and nine inch kills at 44.5 yards is not a sensible idea.

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