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Got a box of Medes in the shed...
Still using a couple of Mead targets that we bought in 1987.

And Kassnar scopes.... WOW. I had a 4x40 wa pa, superb scope and optics were almost to zeiss standards.
Upgraded from that to a Tasco 2-7x32 ag.

And things no longer made from the early days:

Mick Dawes Special.
Air Logic Genesis.
Sportsmatch GC2.
Kobyoshi(spelling??) stocks.
Gungear soft gun cases.
'Bluck' reticles.
Nick Jenkinson stocks.
Dave Hammil and his antics.
Phil Hughes Memorial Trophy.
Clubs cup.
The avon hawkes GP shoot in the lower field.
Reading ft shoot by the scout hut.
Test Vallet ftc in the middle of no were.
Shoot offs in wales in the dark.


One day LOL

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