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pop man . simple . if like me you shoot the rifle every weekend . then every second day you use it , clean it . nick a good lenght of plastic reset string . ( won't harm the barrel ) double it over . tie it off . get a roll of ex army 4 by 2 . about 3.50 a roll .cut off a piece of 4 by 2 . cut that in half . put some WD 40 on the first patch . and pull through twice with it . then do the same with the dry patch . make sure you roll the 4 by 2 up tightly before placing in the string ( by the way it wil be 2 by 2 when you use it ) you will need a straw on the shutz to get in to line up with the barrel . macdonalds do a good one that last for ages . that will be good for anothe two days shooting and of course another win with your shutz ??? HOLLY
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