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HI tom i use a Leupold competition with a 70mm side wheel i have marked the side wheel from 10YDS minimum distance the scope will focus down to then every yard upto and including 20yards after that i have marked it in 5 yard increments upto 65yards, most of the guys in the uk have there scopes marked in a similar way so a in between distance i just divide my dialing IE i dial 3.1 for 50 yards and 4.5 for 55 yards so if i was to rangefind a target approx 52/53 yards i would dial 4 approx half way between. The gaps i have between 50 and 55 yards on my side wheel is about 6-8 mm so i do not really need the device you have mentioned but quite a few of the guys who use Nikko sterling or BSAbig 60 scopes that are i think 10-50 mag do use the device or something very similar, hope this answers your question PS Leupold comps are probably the 2nd most popular scope behind the Nikko/Bsa in the UK . regards steve
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