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I'd like to thank everybody for giving their time, effort and after Ryan had finished with them, their money, I know my piggy bank feels like it's been abused today. Some excellent shooting, well done Chris and thank you for giving your opinion on H's gun yesterday (I believe, he's a teenager so he could be lying though). I don't know exactly what the score was but between us we raised between 1.200 and 1,300 for Gary and Cliffy, quite remarkable for a small and relatively new club.
Yesterday was a brilliant example of generosity, not just in financial terms but the likes of Chris Sutcliffe who travelled over three hours to be at a shoot in what is one of the rainiest counties in England, just to take part in it.
People are very quick to judge or mis-judge people that shoot but they are very quick to hide when something good has come out of it.
I'd like to apologise for the stoppages, I know there weren't many and you can't legislate for the strings being shot off (in some cases) but one stop is one too many.
A big thank you to everybody from Fort.
Kind regards Andrew
P.S if anybody who came over yesterday could look at the Fort forum and make sure everybody is included in their team if they were part of one as many score cards had no team on them. I did my best but I'm almost certainly going to miss somebody from a team
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