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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Well ok, more interested than others, at Gp level. The point I was trying to make is there are many "Ft" shooters in the country, but only a few who put time and effort, plus of course cash into doing Ft "seriously." Again, use that as a term for those who spend lots of money on the sport. As Op was looking at production of a new Ft scope, I was only trying to establish various levels of Ft shooters dedication etc with regards to who might spend what on a new Makers FT scope.
The thing that puts me off GPs is taking 3 to 4 hours to shoot a course in hot conditions when I am either dying of thirst or dying for a pee. I just don't enjoy them.

I can't see how that makes me less interested in FT or suggests I put less time / effort into it - I just don't like the format (and I am not alone)

I normally do the local GPs so I can see some of the lads from other regions and have a bit of banter with them. I also do my best to shoot well but usually wilt before the end of the shoot.

I think you can look at any competition and pick out the hardcore shooters - limiting it to one series is short sighted.

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