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Default Weight advantage

Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
hav u seen si latley he is carrying his winter plomage lol,let me no james i might sort steyr team out,as long as bill dont let me shoot is walther again

You have to love Ryan's enthusiasm eh haahaa. There are a few lads in our sports that have weight advantage. Im in that class before anyone says anything haahaa...

Im attending the BFTA meeting myself tomorrow, so will be discussing this point then. I got a feeling it will be a long discussion over the team situation as well.

Im going to ask about manufacturers other than rifle manufacturers. maybe combining the manufacturers together? Same rifles or same scopes etc, that sort of thing. I will look into other manufacturers then for support and see what they think? Something like a Leupold team? that would be interesting but would it get the support from Leupold?

Just a thought. I also like the idea Matt said about country teams such as Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland? Would look good for the sport etc. Will take a fair bit of organising mind???

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