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Originally Posted by stotty View Post
I must say, your very passionate about this, im pretty new to this sport, and im still trying to find my feet, I am also an ex servicemen, and have served in hostile environments,I was seriously injured and as a result i was discharged, I still work with the services and still work abroad. I am very passionate about this cause too. I think what you guys have been doing is fantastic and I would like to offer my help as and when i can, I do work weekends, but if im available then please send me a PM and i will help.
I live in shropshire, but i will travel, my young son will also be available when i am.
Again well done
Good shout Steve. I think Gary is right though. There is a huge amount of apathy out there but occasionally a diamond shines through to instill my faith in human nature.

You know who you are....Ray.
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