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Great to see your passion about this lads.

Don't get too down about the number of replies on the internet threads. I know you would like people posting so you can judge how many will be there but I'm sure loads will turn up on the days. A lot of folk just don't feel confident posting on the net. The HFT guys have also just spent all summer driving all over the country for the Nationals with the season concluded with the Gathering just last week so there's probably a bit of a vaccuum at the moment ( re the enthusiastic posting on here ).

I read that you set the course up on the Wednesday.

I'm a bit hit and miss with my health but I have plenty of time on my hands over winter and I'm only an hour or so drive from all of the venues ... so ( I know I've missed this one as it was done last Wednesday ) if you need any help one day in the week prior to the remaining shoots setting up the course etc then I can pop up and help out. Just Email me on

We do all appreciate what these lads are doing guys.


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