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Originally Posted by Grayling View Post
There are only a handful of lads who have ever actively helped us out on these Charuty comps Nige, whether for H4H or our parcels appeal. The amount of views on the BBS or here proof there is little interest in supporting our Troops whether wounded or not. I've got used to it over the years, but as long as the likes of Chris C, Scooby, Sparky etc are amongst that handful then we aren't doing to bad . Sadly it seems modern human nature to think F##K YOU JACK I'M ALRIGHT. Perhaps if they saw how much these parcels meant to our troops at the front or had spent anytime at the military wing of Selly Oaks Hospital or the RAF hospital, Headley Court they'd understand just why we do what we do.

I must say, your very passionate about this, im pretty new to this sport, and im still trying to find my feet, I am also an ex servicemen, and have served in hostile environments,I was seriously injured and as a result i was discharged, I still work with the services and still work abroad. I am very passionate about this cause too. I think what you guys have been doing is fantastic and I would like to offer my help as and when i can, I do work weekends, but if im available then please send me a PM and i will help.
I live in shropshire, but i will travel, my young son will also be available when i am.
Again well done
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