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Originally Posted by gillieman View Post
Well i am gob smacked to say the least that this forum is about target shooting (Hft the main) and there have been 220 views and only 5 reply's This 4 x comps is about raising money for troops not injured and coming back from Afghan minus body parts, but this is about sending them something from the people back home in from the comfort of there home's with every luxury at hand to them.

I myself feel compelled to write this being ex forces myself 9 tours of N.I. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq twice. Life is really **** on tour with not much to look forward to except R&R having mail is a great morale boost even more so a parcel. Alot of the lads who join the army have no family so needless to say they get nothing!! i was pretty much one of them and there is nothing more gutting than seeing the lads get mail and parcels and all you get is the words of "unlucky mate maybe next time".

This is the whole reason why we are doing this to make our troops feel there are people back home who care.

On a personnel note i am gutted the lack of responce off here gutted.

I for one will be going to all of them be it in the North west, Kent, North East where ever.

There are only a handful of lads who have ever actively helped us out on these Charuty comps Nige, whether for H4H or our parcels appeal. The amount of views on the BBS or here proof there is little interest in supporting our Troops whether wounded or not. I've got used to it over the years, but as long as the likes of Chris C, Scooby, Sparky etc are amongst that handful then we aren't doing to bad . Sadly it seems modern human nature to think F##K YOU JACK I'M ALRIGHT. Perhaps if they saw how much these parcels meant to our troops at the front or had spent anytime at the military wing of Selly Oaks Hospital or the RAF hospital, Headley Court they'd understand just why we do what we do.

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