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Default I can see for miles and miles

Short but interesting session to report for todays Blog from the bog.

Apart from a technical issue with a rail, all went well. Indeed, the gun was once again very, very good. May have had the odd low shot but dont have a chrono i can use to check a full charge at the moment.
Fact is, it was only pilot error that cost me the 4 shots sunday. You really cant switch off in comps can you!

Putting in some effort today on my behalf, the groups returned the effort by being as tight as you could want. 15 ml kills at 55 yards, no worries and that in the wind, well most of the time!

However, the big new today was a change in shooting style. Its been a huge disadvantage since returning to shooting to have to shoot without my glasses on. Now, for reasons I have forgot (it was 5 years ago) I instantly went to a scope enhancer and have used it ever since. Thing is, i cant see anything in focus past the end of the barrel! Many times I have failed to see a string change its direction of swing and been bemused by the resulting pellet impact.
Then a couple of weeks ago when setting up the Hft / Sft gun, i was amazed the difference made by wearing glasses.
So glasses on today and the first thing you notice is, everything!
Makes a difference being able to look down range and see the target. There should be a seperate class for "bats" such as me! Noted the ranges were 5 out, 45 reading 40 so loosened off the wheel and adjusted, hey presto.

Thus, quite a result. Then I discovered a new standing hold that seemed very stable, even though it should not be?

Onto Nelson wednesday, if its not washed away lol
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