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Originally Posted by GrayT View Post
Hi all, been following this thread with interest, got a couple of questions for you if thats all right,are the springers you use for FT comps tweeked in any way or are they straight out of the box so to speak.
If tweeked whats been done to them?
My HW97K has a V-MACH kit fitted, V-MACH piston seal/Spring/guide and top hat, the stock is a custom made jobby with two and a half pounds of lead filled copper pipe in the butt section, this was done to bring the point of balance further back more to my personal taste...i don't like muzzle heavy guns...spring or PCP.
The trigger has been stripped, polished and relubed by Paul hudson and i made a straight bladed alloy trigger.
My HW77K has been worked on by Dave hall, he balanced and buttoned the piston, balanced the compression tube, expanded the transfer port, fitted his own spring/guide and top hat and a standard HW piston seal, he also fitted the V-MACH R.A.C.E muzzle brake i bought to replace the stupid MK2 catch the gun had fitted from the factory. MR Hudson worked on this trigger too but it has a brass set back blade...possibly a Venom one. It's without a stock at the mo' so it's in the HW97K stock and the 97' is naked.
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