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Originally Posted by holly View Post
The best tip for a springer is to shorten the barrel . 9 inches should do it according to those in the know . but if you want a challenge you do NOT have to shoot a springer .try one of the older rifles ? IE GC2 . 21 inch barrel will sort you out . MUCH more fun ??? HOLLY
did a test on a webley vulcan with three different barrel lengths and came to the conclusion the longer barrel was the way to go, the shorter barrel caused more muzzle flip and differing poi relative to stance, you can add a muzzle weight but due to the cantilever effect of the longer barrel further out you end up with a heavier weight on the short barre, theres also the matter of leverage, a longer lever/barrel makes for easier cockingl!
those are my own findings mind you so its relative to what you have learn't but ive been modifying springer/gas rams for over twenty years and have yet to find any evidence the carbine barrel offers any real advantage?
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