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Default You are not all there

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I am thinking your cumnning plan is not very cunning.

There will be me and you in your car, thats about 75% of the space taken up.
Then we squeeze in Chubby + cans of bow, thats another 20% gone.
Then we have Jack 3%, Wee man 1 % and if lucky a gun to share between us all.

Meanwhile, tom is on his owb in his car?
Is that cause his head has swollen and only that fits in there no or does he have other passengers?

Where is my camera gear going?
Tom is taking 2 other lads with him Sunday. There will be 5 of us in my jeep, but if we PACK LIGHT then we will get in, if not then we might have to have some bits on our laps in the back. Its not a long drive so no harm there. If we are struggling then we are meeting Tom etc at Harveters in Pontypool to go up as a convoy, we could off load some bits there maybe if Tom has the room.

I am sure we will be fine.

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