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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

you are a tease arent you haahaa. I remember a couple of years ago having a little shock off the electric fencing at Harriers. I was shooting in the next lane to Doz and we were chatting bout this and that, I remember leaning back and getting a little push, I didnt have a clue the fencing was live haahaa.

As you can imagine Doz was ******* himself at my expense. Luckily where theres no sense theres hardly any feeling haahaa....

I Tell you what Berty the banter between us shooting type plonkers is nearly as good as the enjoyment in the shooting if only the rest of the world had the same sense of humour as we do, just think if we were the same as them there would be no time for shooting we would spend all our time sueing each other and being even bigger A** Holes than we are know
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