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Berts, sorry my friend. I was VERY lucky - I contacted Jim Kelbly, and the only one he HAD, was the 8-80x56 with IR, so i took it.

Anyway, here's an update on my story - and it might just have a good ending afterall....

After reading, speaking to people and hearing about the March's "huge" gaps, I obviously assumed that the gaps were in fact HUGE.

My S&B's 5" wheel had HUGE gaps. The sidewheel tape (from 10m to 50m) is around 27cm long. The March's 4.5" wheel's tape is exactly 10.5cm long, so around 40% of the size gaps found on the S&B. My Big Nikko (which I sold) and my Sightron's 5" wheels, the tape markings from 10m to 50m are around 25cm long, so gaps just a tad smaller than the S&B.

Anyway, as stated previously, I tried in vain on Saturday to set my new March up. The wind was ripping the targets to shreds, and most of the targets' stainless steel frames were ripped from the ground, and tossed around. I gave up on trying to shoot the turret in at any distance. Then I decided to try and mark the sidewheel - every 1m from 10m to 24m, and every 2m from 24m - 50m.

The heat was a problem, and mirage even more problematic. It was around 32 degrees C, but severe mirage. So much so, that I could not see what was going on on the targets at 50m at 80x mag, or 60x mag, or 40x mag even.

I tried marking the sidewheel as best i could.

Today, I went to Wian's house around 1 hour drive away (he has 60m down his yard), and set about checking the sidewheel from 10m to 50m and shoot all distances marked so I could get the turret sorted.

To my amazement, ALL distances marked from 10m to 50m were SPOT ON. Not even 0.5m out from Saturday's very difficult haze and mirage.

I have attached the photo of the tape I printed. You'll see the distances from 10m to 50m are just 10.5cm in total.

But, what mattered most, was that from my first try on Saturday, and today's try with no mirage, the markings seem to be exactly the same, so, I"M HAPPY!!!!!

I will shoot it Saturday in a comp for the first time, and see how quickly I can learn this new scope. So far, but "sadness" from Saturday has changed to elation today!!!

Thanks to everyone for your kind help - Jon, Berty and Rob especially!!!



PS: We're DYING here - only early Nov and around 34 - 35 degrees already!!!
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