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Thanks for all the info. It really is appreciated.

I think my expectations were maybe a little "twisted".

Maybe, let me explain my remarks/questions...

I tried setting it up on Saturday, and as you know, we have quite bright sunlight. I THINK there could have been more mirage than what I could really see, as I found it difficult to properly focus between 42m and 50m, hence had a struggle to set it up perfectly on the longer ranges - but, as stated, it could have been the light causing that, not necessarily the scope.

When I had heard a number of different people saying the "gaps were huge" I thought that between 10m and 30m there would be HUGE gaps, and that between 30m and 50m the gaps would be less, but still big.

On my S&B, if I measured the total distance on the 5" wheel from 10m to 50m, the tape was 27cm long, so HUGE gaps.

On the 4 1/2" wheel on the March, the total length of the tape from 10m - 50m is only 10.5cm, so the overall gap from 10m to 50m is 40% of that on my S&B.

Even between 10m and 20m, the March's gaps per meter are only 2mm

This I have never seen.

On my S&B the gap from 15m to 16m for example, was around 10mm and now it's 2mm on the March.

I will try the scope again later in the afternoon, when it's cooler and there's less chance of Mirage, and see what it does.

If it SNAPS perfectly, then the 2mm gaps would not bother me...

I have used the following scopes in the past 2 years, and ALL of them with 5" JH wheels, the distance between 10m and 50m has been at least 24cm vs the 10.5cm of my March:

3 x S&B 12.5-50x56
2 x New Big Nikko
1 x Sightron S# 10-50x60

I will use it again in different temp/light, and let you guys know what I find.

If the gaps are actually small on everyone's March scopes (as seems to be the case), then I'm happy. I just thought because I've been used to the really huge gaps, that when everyone said the March has huge gaps, it would be bigger that the S&B, Nikko and Sightron gaps - now it ends up being 40% smaller in total.

I misinterpreted what you guys refer to as "huge".

Thanks for all the help so far.


Steyr LG110FT - March 8-80x56 IR
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