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Default March scope

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
how do you mean?

the gaps? or the snap? i thought both were superb... was it on 80x?

I seem a little amazed by what has been said on this thread, personally, I have owned and tried pretty much all that is out there scope wise. In my honest opinion, I have not looked through a better scope than the March 80x.

That is the reason I have saved and sold kit to buy one for myself. When I helped Ian set his up which he shot the next day at the Welsh Masters, the change in weather (temp wise) was quite alot, it went from approx 11 deg C to 24 deg C. I was comparing the March against my old trustee Weaver and it didnt move one bit.

When setting up the march I was amazed by how clear the picture was, yes at 80 mag it does get a little dark, but you are using 80 mag. Most people cant shoot above 40 mag. the scope itself is stunning, I have bit the bullet and ordered one and cant wait to get it. I have tried all the super ft scopes out there and they dont compare to the March. My opinion mind. We will have to wait and see though eh...

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