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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
Well I left the pcp at home and took the pro sport out for the Pontefract WL.

Beautiful winters day, cold and as still as I have ever known the Ponte ground. I'm not sure of all the results but Andy C cleared the 30 shot course with his wimps EV2. Of the spring gun scores I know, Paul James shot a 25 and the Murph 27.

Me and my Pro sport 22ex30 and I worked hard for that! Missed the first three targets. Thought I'd made a huge mistake with this spring gun lark. Anyway I settled down and I was quite pleased with my result. Even got a 16 on the sillys although Mr Daniels went one better with his boinger.

I think I'll be back for more at the Emley WL. However I'm not daft enough to shoot the spring gun at Harriers next week
Glad you enjoyed it today. I shoot springer. A tx200hc mk3 with a sad sr6 on . Everything kneeling (apart from standers lol) and managed a 22 so well done and hope you do a clear round this season with a springer . Cheers Paul (Hull). Ps i cant shoot pcp for the life of me
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