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Default MARCH 8-80 question.


I got a new March 8-80x56 this week, and mounted it to my Walther Dominator today.

Got a 4.5" sidewheel made by Jon Harris, and set about marking the wheel and shooting it in.

I have been told by many that the gaps on the sidewheel are huge...mine seem to be VERY small indeed.

Total gap from 10 meters to 50 meters is only 10.5cm and gaps between every 1 meter from 10m and 30 meters is 2mm and from 30 to 50 meters, I marked only every 2 meters, and the gap for every 2 meters, is a very TINY 2mm as well...

Any of you guys with March scopes have this same issue? I have NO idea how the March is re-parallaxed so the gaps become bigger....

My March 8-80x56 currently focuses down to 7,2 meters. I only need it to go to 10 meters for use in South Africa....

It's quite difficult if it's so tiny.

Thanks a million.


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