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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Lol, no need. So come on, roughly how old is the super shuutzzz? I would guess my ev2 is 4 ish years old?

As it happens, was in morriston hospital Tuesday night till 12.30am with no 1 son, who discovered it burns if you squirt an air freshner in your eye.

he is ok, but was off school today hence shooting had to be cancelled.

Still, hope t get the ev2 going by the weekend?
I dunno how old it is . welham said it was the limited edition model only a hundred made . no spares left for em . gotta be ten or twelve years old . belonged to inspector gadget at bisley . he at one stage heaved it down the range . the action is slightly bent from that . got it cheaper from him cos of that . but it has been very reliable and the most accurate rifle i have ever owned . to the point where it can get a bit boring . you always think at the end of a good days shooting where you have done well . that it was the rifle that did the shots , not you . thats why i went back to the GC2 . but when all is said and done . if you want respect from your shooting . get a shutz ??? HOLLY
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