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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
I'll take a look at the various anti mist stuff on the market and report my findings, just wondered about the suitability for coated lenses. I've tried all the done up collars, removed hats type mullarky but even just my body heat through clothing can steam a lense at 50 paces!! My current plan of attack will be to explore contact lenses again in the vain hope I can find something suitable, when I last tried my degree of blindness meant the contact was thick in my left eye and i could feel the lense when i blinked causing irritation
Lasering would be the ultimate but as I'd struggle to find two tupences to rub together I think its a little out of my league unless some kind soul would like to lend me a few quid
I know someone that uses one in his job, I'll see if I can pinch it and have a go if your up for it Vinnie
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