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Right as I hinted at in the opening post this is how I could see the constructors team event working.

Each team consisting of 12 or maybe 15 shooters.
4 possibly 5 scores to count for the team score at each round.
Points awarded for position at each round 10, 8, 6, 4, etc.
9 rounds to count from 9 rounds.

The larger numbers should make team selection less of a headache and at the same time make the competition more competitive, it wouldn't rely on team shooters attending all the rounds because of the larger pool to draw from. For example you may have a really good shooter that can only make 3 shoots, but you could now include that shooter knowing you wouldn't be left short at other rounds.

I do not see why manufacturers teams shouldn't include the like of say Nikko Stirling, but obviously you can only shoot for one constructors team at a time. There would have to be a line drawn somewhere though, a team Butler Creek would be pushing it I think, team qualification criteria would need to be sorted out.

I also happen to think a club team event is a good idea but should be seperate to the constructors event.

over to you lot again


oh yes I haven't done any maths so I don't know if the above scoring system would be practical, sorry just being lazy.
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