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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Its dead, well the trigger bit is.
Can fix the refusal to cock problem with lots of negative acting as a spacer, but thats not right is it. Power was down, managed to turn it up but still its not what you expect fromn the top of the line AA?

Luckily a very nice Welsh man has offered to hit it with a big hammer.

Hopefully it wil be back working by next week?


Plan B

Somewhat bemused by the fact almost every Ev2 owner I know has had some problem or other, or both, its what to do about a back up.

Plan A Buy a walther action for the expected Gary Cane stock.

Plan B Buy another Ev2 action as back up?

Plan B seems the cheaper option?

So, on the look out for anothe Ev2? well the action more thsan anything else
Gonna be a pleasuer to beat you next year pieman ??? HOLLY
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