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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Bloody eck, i'll steer well clear then! (nothing like sticking your head into the lion's den... gotta be done some time, but 4 hours drive is a bit of a long drive home with your bottom lip getting tangled in the steering wheel)

I think i sussed some stuff tonight... POI movements seem to be caused by shoulder/grip pressure... she's stunningly accurate on a single diagram, but a movement seems to shift the POI up... it's either that or something is moving.

Might have a look at a ball catch silencer for the 97... not convinced the HW idea is sound... also perhaps putting some spacer in the butt, or padding it to make it less critical/sensitive to position... might try some lead up front as well, see if i can bog the thing down... if it weighs 20lb it will hopefully move less.

Started to get some good follow through at 25m on 40x... so making progress... when it's all good she's demonicly accurate, several 5mm groups... just a shame a few 25mm ones appeared now and then.

Oh... my bloody left inside elbow hurts... mommy.
Your whole shooting stance has to remain as constant as possible for total accuracy Rob, it's not as hard or unachievable as it sounds, it just takes a little more practice that's all. I think that's why most folk who give the boingers a go don't stick with it long enough to get the kind of accuracy the guns are capable of, and these are not novice shooters either, some are at the top with the PCP's.
The V-MACH R.A.C.E unit is good although it does add quite a bit of length to the gun, i'd recommend it for the "K" only unless you're gonna get the barrel and underlever shortened.
A spacer is ok if you need to lengthen the stock but i'd shy away from anything that's not solid as it'll not give an even feel of resistance to the shoulder, so hold will be difficult to reproduce each shot.
I added approx two and a half pounds of lead filled copper pipe to the butt section of my stock to move the point of balance further back to my own personal taste, i don't like muzzle heavy guns, that applies to my PCP's also. The HW97K weighs 15lbs now.
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