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Red face

I always end up with a big smile on my face when I pick up a springer after the pre-charge!
mens rifles you know

The critical aspect with a springer is hold pressure,I have found it best to use fingertip light hold on the pistol grip allowing the rifle to recoil between your forend grip and the shoulder pad and use the hamster sitting on my fist with my thumb on top tucking the butt pad ito my shoulder!

if you rest the forend or hamster directly on your knee you can get muzzle flip resulting in a different poi!

if you grip the pistol grip differently at all the shot seems to pivot around your hand and this can pull the rifle off despite you being convinced your not snatching the shot!

each shot must have the same feel with the same pressure on the cheekpiece, pistol grip and hamster/forend, which when your sitting on a bag practicing is simple enough, however, on a comp your constantly getting up and down and sitting on different levels of ground, and thats when it becomes rather more of a challenge!

Rob if your hold and position is good you should be able to see the shots hit at ranges over 40yds, follow through is critical and I always freeze in position after each shot to see how much the crosshair came off the aim point during the recoil, I have found that helps considerably!

and despite saying all that I find it very difficult to put it into practice consistently, some days I can hit just about everything and then the next im like a twonk!

like I said, mens rifles!
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