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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Shooting springer...

Lesson 1) Don't zero off a bench, it don't work (or something has moved)

Lesson 2) Don't get used to an expensive scope that you daren't mount on a springer

Lesson 3) Don't try and snatch, cos it don't work

Lesson 4) Don't even think about seeing a shot land

I also hate safety catches...
Lesson 2) I've had Bushnell and Bausch&Lomb scopes on my springers with no problems, both costing upwards of 500, don't know about anyone else but that's what i consider an expensive scope.

Lesson 4) Stick with it Rob, that will come mate with practice. The light can help too, on bright days with the sun at certain angles you will see more of your shots land. I find lower mag helps too.
Lesson 5) Don't tell anyone what you intend to do until you're sure you're gonna do it.
Been shooting my HW77K the last couple of weeks, i swear it's the most accurate rifle i've ever shot, better than my HW97K or Steyr.
Safety catch...took mine off the HW's, can you do the same with the TX?
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