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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
Now the cooler weather is upon a problem that will be familiar to all four eyed shooters begins to rear its ugly head in the form of the dreaded steam up Shooting round one of the CSFTA winter league today was an absolute nightmare, body heat combined with cool damp conditions meant both glasses and scope became a vision of pea soup which ended up costing me dearly with 5 of 8 shots dropped shots caused by rushing to beat the steam or being able to see the sum total of sod all I used a anti mist product for motorcycle visors on my glasses which lasted all of about 10 shots before the effects wore off and the lense of the EB used up a pack of Handy Andies to try and keep it clear Is anyone aware of a product that actually works to keep the mist at bay that can be used on both glasses and scope optics? I love my winter shooting but the frustration of not being able to see clearly is, quite frankly, doing my tits in!!
Hello fellow four eyed person i use a straight eye cup and try to avoid useing a hat this tends to work for me i also allow the rifle and scope around 20 minuites to climatise no guarantees but for most of the time it works.
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